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House Extensions Herts

Looking for home Extensions Herts? Your in the right place, Herts Loft Conversions don’t just help you extend up we can also help you extend out. Wither your looking to add a little extra space? or add brand new rooms to your home. We can provide you with a complete home extension service, no matter what shape or size your require.

Why extend?

  • Fast turnaround, we can often extend your home in as little as 6-8 weeks
  • Add space to your home without the upheaval of moving
  • Create the rooms you have always wanted

Your living space is your nirvana from the stresses that surround you all day long when you are away from it. Home improvement can be a massive contributor towards the quality of one’s life. Interior designs that win your heart, warm lighting that puts your mind at ease, and that extra space to make you feel liberated – all can add to the comfort quotient you associate with your home. With real estate costs kissing the skies, the smart option for house owners like you is to go for home extension to savor the charms of spacious living space. Want to know more? Here’s how you can enhance what you already have with home extension ideas.


Extending the small
When it comes to extensions, we generally consider extending the kitchen, bedrooms and the family room. These are the areas where people spend most of their time and are thus the most important rooms in a house. If these rooms are built on the outer side of the house, then it is very convenient to extend them by bringing down the old walls and erecting news ones at some distance to make the space bigger. Another idea could be to redesign an entire wall as a window instead. Extension also creates scope for addition of a fireplace or any other interesting element to a room, something that could really give you the impression of being in a wholly renovated room.

Single storey extensions –
cost effective space creation for your homes

Having your house extended with a single storey instead of considering a new house is always smarter and viable in terms of economy and satisfaction. Extending to a single storey is not only a money saver, but also ensures that your future requirements are met without having to move to a new place altogether. That’s not all; by extending to a new storey, you make some serious value addition to the present worth of your house and it always proves to be a wise investment in the long run. Enabling you to make the most of the space, extending to another storey is the most cost effective route to more living space.

Double storey extensions –
redefining the appeal of your house

Open up to substantial space with double storey extensions. Not only can you add more living rooms to the house, but can also enhance your living standards by having a more spacious kitchen or home lounge than earlier. Double storey extensions completely redefine your house and cost you much less than having to move to a new one.

Side Return Extensions – getting more from your floor
If you are unhappy with the existing size and location of rooms, kitchen, etc. in your existing house plan, the smart move would be to opt for side return extensions. The idea behind side return extension is to make extra space in bathrooms, bed rooms, dining area, etc. by rearranging the floor plan.

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